Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hiccup time

Im really disappointed with you .im serious ..dunno why everythin that i say juz cant go in her head ..everytime im juz tryin my best to make things better but the otherside will think that im controlling her..hello do u think i dont have better things to do is it ..I always ask myself why should i be so 'san fu' ..for doing all these ,do u know that i dont get anything at all ..Im juz thinking on ur behalf but why the feedback that i always get must be negative ..

But is ok ...Today i already found the answer ..I wont care so much bout u anymore ..Just go ahead what u feel like doing ..In the future u no need ask me anything and just go on with ur life which u think you are always correct please dont (i beg u) in the future please dont blame me if u think im change or not being so caring anymore ..this is wat u want ..You always think i make ur life hard but do u think b4 that actually im the one who is making myself hard juz bcoz of u (i bet u dont know) ..Lastly if u think wat u do is worth then juz go ahead ..


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You gotta dig it suckerzz

well well all ends well ..Life seems to be more interesting day by days .You know why ? figure it our urself biatchh ..

Smoke Weed everyday ,
Lucifer Jr

Thursday, March 5, 2009


unreasonably obstinate; obstinately unmoving -

If u so keen to be what you are ,it is gone ..y can't u listen to people's advise .It is really not a way of life to be ..After all the things that i done ,i really feel like a fool now .Is this what i suppose to get ? and please dont talk to me bout tolerance when u have none of it ..If u so like to take good care of your 'face' then go ahead .Im already trying so damn fcukin hard to make things better each day but end up it make me look like a dumdfuck coz other side juz wont listen ..Am i not caring ?? Am i not nice enough ?? I will be so "grateful" if u think im not good enough ..Thanks for informing that im not caring enough coz in the future things will be much more easier for me to be done ..Oh yeah i did promise you that i will be very tolerate with you when we first get together .i admit that .but doesnt mean i have to tolerate with all those nonsense things as well rite .furthermore for god sake can please let me feel worth it when everythin i do something .I dont aspect things from you but all i need juz juz that u appreciate it ..Tats all .Come on ,we are all grown up and i always believe that u will know how to think what's best for us .but so sad to say that you dont know .And please dont juz blame everythin on me when something happen ..In one word it is all bcoz of ur stubborness and taking care of your 'face' ..

I dunno what it will happen when you read this but im ready to face all the consequences coz after u read this all i believe none will go in our head and you will think that i wanna start an arguement again ..You wanna know why ? the same word again 'stubborn' ..things juz wont go in ur head for rational consideration .

Last but not least ,this phrase is taken from ur blog "every time you hurt me but turn around you apologize to gain my human being too..why you always want me become soft and listen to wat you said" ..You are soft and always listen to what i said ??? i beg your pardon .hahaha if u listen to 20% what i had told you then i will be damn sure that this situation wont happen ..

What More do You Want from ME ,
Lucifer Jr

Monday, February 23, 2009

This is nonsense

Y cant u be more considerate and not juz push ur own mistake to someone else when somethin happen .It is so damn unfair ..Yeah you are hurt ,so what .Do u think bout other people feeling b4 ..Human are juz like that ,when someone treat u nice consistently then u will think that yeah this is how i suppose to treat u and juz think that it is normal but then when some so small thing happen then u fully put da blame on tat person and categorize him as bad ..WTH ..dont make sense at all ..You should juz appreciate thing that people shower to you and not finding someone loop-holes ..Everytime when somethin happen ,im the one who have to console you no matter is my own fault or yours ..So do u think this is not good enough .I know ur personality are tough but so do i ..And i believe im much more tougher than you but y i can be the one who always 'tam' you no matter what it is .I do that coz i wanna minimize our arguement and strenghten our relation ..but did u ever think of it b4 .Why the hell on earth that im always the one who have to sacrifice .FYI a relationship is a matter of two person and not one ..I repeat again is TWO .Yeah u always say that i have a very high ego ,so how bout you ?? dont u think u are worst ..

Yeah right ,u said that wat u said last night is not serious and juz play play ..But u must know not everythin can be said out as u like .every single thing have their own limit .Juz think bout it if i put this situation the other way round ..I believe u will react the same like i do or maybe worst .Everyone have their own dignity so do i ..but the damn fcukin problem now is u still think that u did nothing wrong and it is part of my fault ..OMFG plz juz shoot me !!

Filling up with hatred ,
Lucifer Jr

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

blogging sux really sux ..for those bloggers out there ,i have 2 words for ya (figure it out urself) ..hahahah juz joking ..It is ur own freedom to blog so no one have da right to stop it ..

Im the type of person who is too lazy to blog ,so if u were to see i post a blog on tat day mean im so damn fcukingggg boring .Im so tired now ,didnt have enough sleep yesterday ..went up to setapak to pick my girl around 9.30pm .After that we head to Cheras night market ..this is the 1st time i been there ..Trust me the nite market is fcukin huge and long like madingo's dick.As usual the place is full of girls with black legged pants and a few red legged pants (plz kill me) ..The place have a lot of variety of water watering food and beggars as well hahaha ..Overall is it a food paradise place .

Slept at almost 5am at tat nite coz watching 'slumdog millionaire' ..This is a fucking good must watch movie ..Yeah Man Utd match start at 4am .I watch till half time only coz by tat time the diameter between my eyelid is juz about 1mm ..UNited United !! the final score is 3-0 ..Scholes ,Berbatov and Rooney rockz ..For those Liverpool and Chelsea fans you can sux my dick .

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Love it or Hate it the Underdogs On Top

Got the news that she got the job in Kl Sentral ..Should i feel happy or i should feel sad ?? This mix feeling is really making me sick .If she work there then we gonna be separated by at least 70km away ..Furthermore she is staying wit her cousin sister which i dont seem to trust .Dunno is it bcoz i worry too much bout her ..I know she is very indepedent and can take good care of herself but i always believe that surrounding peoples can make a big influence to someone as well ..Aikz juz forget it coz i know i have to face this reality soon so why not i take it positively ..
I feel happy too when she told me that is has been offer the job .Yeah at least she dont juz sit in front of the tv 24hrs a day watching drama ,taiwanese talk show which i always think only will make human stupider ..Beside that she can earn $$$ for her braces that she had been dream of for such a long time .Overall working in a new place and enviroment will definitely give her a very good working experience .Dont worry girl ,i know you have our own plan and i wont ruin it ..The most important thing is ,you know what you are doing then everythin will be fine .

Luv Ya ,
Lucifer Jr